Sunday, March 29, 2009

Close to completion

Family Portrait, wip
Phase 6

So, the time is winding down, not too much more to go. Among the final things to do are to give the small dog some evidence of a leg or two. Make some adjustments to the leaves and background, and possibly soften some edges on the figures. The next post will probably be the completed painting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Family portrait update

Family portrait, wip
phase 5

At this stage I have worked on all three faces and the bigger dogs face. I also am in the process of doing more with the background. I will be putting more leaves in front of the big tree and also breaking up the left side with more leaves. However, I have to wait now for the paint to dry. I am thinking this is about 80% complete.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Portrait update

Family Portrait, wip
Phase 4

At this point I have worked on all three faces. I am fairly pleased with Ronnie (the mother) and the father Jeff. I have reworked Trevor's face a couple times and I still am not pleased with the results...start over again??hmmm. I also have a different reference photo for the bigger dog so his face has changed, however it is not yet complete. I am happy with how the little dog looks, maybe just a couple "tweeks" on him and he will be complete. Slowly but surely...getting there. One thing that always seems to be a problem is photographing oil paintings and not having the "glare". The best results come when taking the picture outside on an overcast day with no strong shadows. This was not an option as it was night when I was ready to take the picture. You can click on the photo to get the bigger image.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family Portrait update and another painting challenge

Different strokes from different folks
painting challenge

Family Portrait
phase 3

I was able to put in a few hours on the portrait wip and also had some fun with a painting challenge put on by Karin Jurick, an artist here in Atlanta. She posts a photo every two weeks and those that want to create a painting/drawing from it have two weeks to finish and send her the image. As for the family portrait, I have yet to get back to the faces, I spent most of my painting time on the clothes and dogs which still are not 100% complete. This is how a wip goes...a little at a time, things start to get more and more refined.